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Snow is not only annoying, but it can damage your home. Here is the proper way to remove snow this winter.

Those living in Western Michigan know a thing or two about snow accumulation in the wintertime. Winter weather is a normal part of life, and so is shoveling snow. Although residents in the area have lots of experience, many people forget to take the right steps when it comes to snow removal. Putting off snow removal or doing it incorrectly can actually make it more difficult and can even be detrimental to your property.

To help you manage the next snowstorm, our real estate agents pulled together a list of some of the biggest mistakes people make when removing snow:

  1. Waiting Too Long
    No one wants to run outside and start shoveling in the middle of a snowstorm, but waiting too long can be risky. The longer snow falls and accumulates, the more difficult it is to remove. Shoveling snow results in up about 11,500 injuries every year, and many of these injuries are caused by attempting to remove heavy snow.

    Instead of waiting for the snow to stop falling, try to break up your shoveling efforts into a few sessions if possible, and try not to shovel more than 2 to 3 inches at a time. Many of the owners of these Grand Haven homes for sale hire a snow removal company to keep their driveways and sidewalks clean and clear. Snow removal companies can cost anywhere from $50 to $125 per visit.

  2. Forgetting About Ice Dams
    When there is a temperature difference between your eaves and roof, you may start to notice ice dams which are ridges of ice that form at the edge of the roof. When left untreated, ice dams can expand and lead to roof damage. Once the ice starts to melt, it can also result in mold and mildew growth. If you notice ice dams developing, it's a good idea to call a professional and have it treated right away.

  3. Neglecting Your Snowblower
    Snowblowers can make life a lot easier in the winter but maintaining them is key. After each use, clean out the auger and impeller. Leaving snow inside any mechanical parts of the tool can lead to ice and damage. You want to ensure your machine is ready to go for the next snowfall.

  4. Leaving Heavy Snow On The Roof
    A few inches of snow on your roof is no problem, but significant accumulation can result in damage. Most residential roofs aren't designed to withstand significant weight over an extended period of time. As a guideline, if your roof has more than 6 inches of compacted snow or 12 inches of fluffy snow, you should remove it with a rake or call a professional.

  5. Using Toxic Ice Melts
    Many of us are quick to grab a bag of ice melt or rock salt to treat sidewalks. While these products are effective, they can also be harmful to pets and landscaping. Make sure to choose a product that is non-toxic to keep your plants and animals safe.

Proper snow removal is the key to keeping yourself and your property safe, so we recommend creating a good routine. Contact us today for more landscaping maintenance tips.

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